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The True Sustainability of Steel in Numbers

Steel is Earth’s most recycled material — but that’s only the beginning. This infographic showcases cold-formed steel’s sustainability benefits.

Article by BuildSteel

Construction is increasingly “going green,” and building owners, architects, engineers, and contractors are looking for ways to construct buildings with low environmental impact. Many are turning to the most recycled material on the planet — steel. Learn more about the sustainability of cold-formed steel and its advantages for construction in this infographic.

The Sustainability of Steel by Numbers Goal: Steel, Our Most Sustainable Material Minimizing the Life Cycle impact of North American Steel Steel is the World's Most Recycled Material Water Management in the Steel Industry The North American Steel Industry Reduces Energy Intensity Steel Industry Reductions in CO2 Directly Tied to Energy Intensity Reductions Steel: The Clear Cut Material for Residential and Commercial Construction Sustainability and Steel in Construction Applications Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Cold-Formed Steel Studs and Track BuildSteel BuildSteel Facebook BuildSteel Twitter BuildSteel LinkedIn BuildSteel Google+ BuildSteel RSS Feed

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