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When Sound is “Green”

The new definition of “green” building has been broadened by some to including acoustic performance. How this affects cold-formed steel framing.

The International Building Code (IBC) and most other major model codes have long required some minimum acoustic performance from buildings. However, the recent emergence of “green” codes and standards is taking acoustic protection requirements to a higher level. Now, advocates for “green building” have broadened the definition of sustainable to include acoustic performance in buildings.

If the trend in green codes and standards begins to creep over into “regular’ building codes, as is often the case, the construction industry will need to deliver better-performing hotels, schools, offices and similar buildings to boost their ability to keep out unwanted sounds. Cold-formed steel will face challenges like many other materials.

This new SFIA Issue Paper provides an overview of the momentum that is building behind the move toward more stringent acoustic performance requirements and suggestions on how to address the new challenges they present.

Steel Framing Industry Association

The Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA), comprised of members from nearly every facet of the construction industry, is dedicated to expanding the market for cold-formed steel in construction through programs and initiatives that promote the use of cold-formed steel framing as a sustainable, cost-effective solution. Members of the SFIA produce 80 percent of the cold-formed steel framing stud and track manufactured in the United States. Through promoting the development and acceptance of favorable code provisions and educating members with consistent data and information essential to effective business planning, SFIA identifies issues and opportunities that can be effectively implemented across the industry.

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