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Architects Use CFS in Unique Prefabricated Home

Cold-formed steel framing helps two architectural firms achieve their intended design aesthetic for a home in Nova Lima, Brazil.


Photo Credit: Daniel Mansur

Bernardo Horta Arquiteto and Meius Arquitetura have designed a unique, prefabricated home in Nova Lima, Brazil, using cold-formed steel (CFS) framing.

The architectural firms feature photos and drawings of the home on DesignBoom, a popular online digital architecture and design magazine.

Overlapping Rectangular Spaces

The Nova Lima home integrates within its surroundings in a distinct way. The design consists of two rectangular volumes with identical dimensions and external coverings. The spaces overlap due to their perpendicular positioning.

While its rectangular design aesthetic and metallic corrugated facade contrast with the natural environment, the home’s large windows and patio allow the inhabitants to enjoy the outdoors.

The home design is based on a mixed structural logic. It’s composed of heavy steel profiles, CFS framing and concrete. The external metal panels using a cold-formed steel profile, makes up the entire structural box on the first and second floor.

Components were prefabricated with the exact dimensions to meet the design’s structural requirements. Pre-punched holes made it easy to connect parts and components and reduced material waste in the construction process.

Growing Use of CFS among Architects

Steel Prefabrication Architects

A growing number of architects and designers, such as Bernardo Horta Arquiteto and Meius Arquitetura, are incorporating prefabrication techniques into their designs. Prefabrication allows installers to work smarter, faster, and safer as they achieve the desired aesthetics.

CFS framing is an ideal choice for projects that incorporate prefabrication techniques, because steel is non-combustible, lightweight, and can be pre-cut to precise specifications. CFS components can be fabricated off-site to exact standards, which is not always true of other materials that warp or split when exposed to the elements.

In addition, CFS’s uniformity, dimensional stability, and durability offer immediate and long-term quality.

Helpful CFS Resources

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