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City Green Project: Architectural Freedom, Less Material, Greater Speed

Large, open residences are cost-effective to build – and salable – for building owner of the City Green project in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Standing in his penthouse, Gerry Burke shows a visitor the key strengths and selling points of the condos at City Green. “We have 10-foot ceilings, no soffits and floor-to-ceiling glass windows,” says Burke, Director of Development at Milwaukee’s New Land Enterprises. “There are no drops for the mechanicals. Everything runs through C-joists.”

Burke is ecstatic. He feels his condos and rentals stand out from the competition’s.  The structures’ cold-formed steel framing system, he says, helped create large, open residences that feel spacious and are salable. Burke also feels that City Green was cost-effective to develop. Why? Because the cold-formed steel system is lightweight, which meant that less material and less labor was required for construction. Also, the pre-fabricated cold-formed steel design made for speedy work. Finally, Burke believes City Green went up faster than it would have had another structural support system been used.

This case study, provided by the Steel Framing Industry Association, covers several key advantages of cold-formed steel framing realized during the design and construction of the City Green project:

  • Architectural Freedom
  • Less Material, Built Quickly
  • More Strength Than Many Realize

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