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BIM + CFS Framing Delivers Adaptability and Speed


With red iron steel framing in place at the large 71’-0” diameter dome, Competitive Interiors Inc. contracted Radius Track Corporation for multiple cold-formed steel framing solutions.

“Radius Track submitted the best price, provided CFS design and engineering for each dome framing solution. The Radius Track design team used BIM to identify and solve field conditions impacting their work, delivered three unique dome framing packages, and supported our installation team 100 percent,” said Dylan Ball, project manager for Competitive Interiors.

The Radius Track Design Technologists used BIM to compare the as-built red iron steel framing to the architectural drawings. Their analysis identified a number of areas where the CFS design and detailing would have to bridge the gap between the structure provided and the design intent desired.

On the large dome, straight CFS framing infilled the space between the red iron steel ribs. Curved-Right CNC-fabricated CFS track fastened 2-inches off the red iron members provided full geometric control of the curve for the infill members. Using BIM also allowed Radius Track to quickly add a CFS roof overhang detail by extending the length of the curved track during fabrication.

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