Cold-Formed Steel Framing Resource Center for Building Professionals
Explore the durability and resiliency of cold-formed steel framing when confronted with fire, cold weather, hurricanes, and flooding. Download Now


Cold-formed steel framing is strong, non-combustible, and resistant to mold, decay, and vermin, making it one of the most resilient building materials available. By using cold-formed steel framing, also known as light gauge steel framing, building professionals can construct durable, sustainable, and cost-effective buildings that will last for years to come. Explore the eBooks on this page to learn more about the benefits of metal framing.

In our eBooks, you’ll learn:

  • How to order metal studs, steel trusses, and steel floor joists
  • How prefabricated steel stud walls can shorten construction timelines
  • Ways light gauge metal framing can lead to cost savings
  • How to design with and engineer cold-formed metal framing