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Webinar: Post-Installed Anchor Testing, Qualification, and Design Procedure

The Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute will host a webinar on December 17th at 3:00PM ET.


Title: Post-Installed Anchor Testing, Qualification, and Design Procedure

Sponsor: Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute

Date/Time: December 17, 2020 – 3:00pm ET

Speaker: Natasha Zamani, Ph.D., P.E. Code & Standards Senior Manager, Modular Systems Hilti North America.

Webinar Details:

Structural and non-structural elements are often connected to concrete structures by means of concrete anchors. Anchors are either cast-in the concrete during construction, or post-installed when the concrete has cured.

There are various concrete anchor types with different behavioral characteristics. The designer must select the type, size and embedment most suitable for the given situation.

Due to the large diversity in product types and makes, anchors are not standardized and products need to be qualified for their intended use. For this, suitability and serviceability tests on individual anchors are carried out in independent test laboratories. Evaluation of the test results ultimately result in the issuing of technical approvals which also provide the necessary data to carry out safe anchor design.

In this webinar, the process for testing and qualification of post installed anchors, relevant building code and acceptance criteria will be discussed along with the design procedure, failure modes, and the factors affecting the failure mode.


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