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Embassy Suites: Cold-Formed Steel Framing Used for Structural Members

General contractor has an estimated savings of $10/square foot in 6-story CFS project over a podium.


The Embassy Suites is a seven story hotel built by Brackett Builders of Troy, Ohio. Its light weight, high strength, non-combustible nature, ease of installation and other benefits make cold-formed steel (CFS) an excellent and cost competitive choice for structural applications on buildings as high as nine stories.

The contractor and owners of the Embassy Suites hotel in Columbus, Ohio could not agree more. The bottom story contains the lobby and other common areas and is constructed with structural steel and concrete. Above this podium level sits six stories with CFS exterior load-bearing walls, floors and roofs. Worthington Integrated Building Systems (WIBS) provided the structural CFS framing and installation.

CFS framing was used for interior and exterior load-bearing and non load-bearing walls, and floor and roof joists. A very small amount of structural steel was used within the top six floors of the cold-form steel portion of the structure.

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