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Condo Building Features Cold-Formed Steel Walls And Insulated Metal Panels


Located in Denver, CO, the One Lincoln Park project utilized 70,000 sq. ft. of cold-formed steel panelized wall systems that utilized Unistak™ (Patent Pending) interlocking stacking track.

The uniquely-designed and technically-innovative Unistak™ track by A-1 Glass is designed to dramatically improve air and water resistance at joints in exterior curtain wall installations of cold-formed/light-gauge exterior steel framing assemblies, while effectively and efficiently accommodating vertical movement.

Mid-rise and high-rise commercial buildings commonly use light-gauge exterior steel framing attached to the slab edge in a “curtain wall” type of installation, to provide a support system for the outside skin of a building. These light-gauge framing assemblies provide versatile, cost-effective, lightweight, and noncombustible support systems for a variety of cladding materials including brick, stone, stucco, and EIFS. Further, while light-gauge steel framing is commonly stick-framed, it is also ideally-suited for prefabricated panel construction which can provide additional economy during construction.

Vertical movement such as deflection of floor beams and floor decks at the head of wall caused by live load deflection, frame shrinkage, and seismic loading has, until now, typically been accomplished by the use of a gap between butt-ends of the framing, or in some instances by a slip track or double track (track-over-track) installation. Unfortunately, none of these approaches to accommodating vertical movement effectively prevent air and water leakage at the joints, which can result in significant problems with water leakage and air infiltration.

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