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Ireland Start-Up Uses CFS for “Rapid Build” Projects to Solve Housing Shortage


Set up just 18 months ago, rapid-build firm Horizon has set its sights far and wide. Manufacturing cold-formed steel framed structures for housing and hotel projects, Horizon is set to expand throughout Europe.

To date, the majority of the projects have been in the UK and Ireland. Horizon managing director and co-founder Ger Fahey says the demand for rapid build construction methods (using CFS) is increasing because of housing shortages. “We have already completed 15 projects and are working on another 13. We are now at the design stage for a €1.5m hotel ($1.7 million USD) in Naas (Ireland) with 70 rooms and on a social housing project in Kent (UK) involving 48 houses and 36 apartments,” he says.

Mr Fahey says that for the future he expects to develop sales of hotels as well as care homes, student accommodation, and schools.

In the past, he says, the biggest obstacle for offsite construction companies such as Horizon was resistance to making a change from traditional building methods. But he says there is now growing recognition of the benefits of rapid-build. “Using light gauge steel structures manufactured offsite we can complete a project in half the time,” he says. The other benefits of using steel is its precision and that there is no shrinkage. It also has excellent fire ratings.


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