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Exploring the Potential of Digital Technology


Transformation is happening all around us and while other industries have been quick to make the digital leap, the construction industry has been slower out of the starting blocks. Steel framing system (SFS) designers and offsite manufacturers are leading the way in changing the face of construction – and the rate of advancements in our sector is accelerating at a relentless pace. The combination of offsite manufacturing and digital construction technology presents a compelling proposition.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is at the forefront of the latest digital revolution. There is now almost a universal recognition of BIM within the construction industry, but some are still slow to fully implement its use – even in the offsite sector.

The discipline and collaborative working that BIM facilitates are ideally suited to the needs of prefabrication in terms of early coordination and three-dimensional design information – particularly when using steel framing systems. The output of the BIM design process, the IFC model, can now be directly imported into the fabrication software, eliminating the time-consuming translation of engineer’s information into cut lists and assembly drawings.

In terms of procurement, BIM is a powerful tool that allows construction companies to quantify the requirements of their projects. This enables control of spending and time management, resulting in the reduction of wastage in these areas.

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