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CFSEI Updates Technical Note on the Design of Bypass Slip Connectors in Cold-Formed Steel Construction


The Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute (CFSEI) has updated “Design of Bypass Slip Connectors in Cold-Formed Steel Construction,” designated as Tech Note F103-17. It examines the various structural elements of a curtain wall system and introduces the subjects of design load and framing analysis.

Tech Note F103-17 replaces Tech Note W103-11. It provides information on the common types of slip connectors, their functions, and placement in cold-formed steel structural design. It covers drift connectors, testing and design of slip connectors for capacity, stacked wall conditions, and other conditions.

Tech Note F103-17 was written by Don Allen, P.E., director of engineering for Super Stud Building Products, Inc., who has worked in the cold-formed steel industry since 1990. He is the original author of Tech Note W103-11.

This Technical Note is the latest in CFSEI’s continuing series of instructional documents on topics related to cold-formed steel framing for commercial and residential construction. CFSEI Technical Notes are available free of charge to CFSEI members – and non-members can purchase them at the online AISI Steel Store.

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