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SFIA Offers Free Video-Based Educational Programs

SFIA has established a free online educational program to help building professionals stay on top of the issues affecting the CFS industry.


The Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA) has established a free video-based educational program designed to help building professionals stay on top of the issues affecting the cold-formed steel industry. Course topics encompass a wide scope of technical, sales/marketing, and management issues, and target varying levels of experience to serve everyone from the construction professional just learning about cold-formed steel to the seasoned manager who wants to increase business planning effectiveness.

SFIA educational, training, and program videos

SFIA has three types of programs – general educational videos, code-compliance certification training videos, and programs listed as SFIA followed by a numerical designation (for example, SFIA 101).  For direct links to the videos, please go to the Steel Framing Industry Association website.  The courses include:

  • SFIA101-20: A Guide to High Performance Cold-Formed Steel Assemblies
  • SFIA102-20: Cold-Formed Steel and Mid-Rise Construction
  • SFIA103-18: Cold-Formed Steel and LEED
  • SFIA104-14 New Generation Cold-Formed Steel Framing
  • SFIA105-20: Energy Codes and Cold-Formed Steel Structures
  • SFIA106-20: Specifying Cold-Formed Steel for Design and Construction Professionals
  • SFIA107-20: Design of Hybrid Systems with Cold-Formed Steel
  • SFIA108-20 Panelization for CFS Walls
  • SFIA109-20 A The Path to BIM: BIM for Beginners

Videos on SFIA YouTube channel

  • FAQs for Cold-Formed Steel Specifiers and Designers
  • Wood Framing and Fire Risks in Mid-Rise Buildings: A Fire Service Professional’s View

Code compliance for SFIA-member manufacturers

The third set of videos are tools designed to assist manufacturers who are enrolled in the SFIA Code Compliance Certification Programs.

  • SFIA Overview from application to labels
  • SFIA Inspection Overview
  • SFIA Traceability Introduction
  • SFIA Verification of product dimensions and other physical characteristics

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