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The Future of Construction – The Case For Building With Cold Formed Steel


Traditional methods of construction are struggling to keep up with the international demand for better, more efficient and affordable buildings. As a result, many in the construction industry are turning to alternative methods to solve their problems. And one emerging technology is leading the way – Cold Form Steel construction (CFS), also known as Light Gauge Steel (or LGS).

If you’re a project owner, developer or builder, CFS/LGS construction provides a way to turn opportunity into commercial reality, faster than ever before – at the same time delivering better quality buildings that meet the demands of modern communities.

In this eBook (provided by FRAMECAD), we explore the advantages of CFS/LGS over traditional construction methods, share the different building applications that can be achieved with CFS/LGS and how with the right system in place, you can create better ROI and value for your business.

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