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4 Projects Using CFS To Solve Time, Budget and Access Constraints

Tight project schedules. Budget limitations. Difficult access on site. SBS Group worked closely with the construction teams for the featured projects below to solve these challenges with easier and faster CFS pre-fabricated alternatives.


Tight project schedules. Budget limitations. Difficult access on site.

SBS Group worked closely with the construction teams for the featured projects below to solve these challenges with easier and faster CFS pre-fabricated alternatives.


With residents expecting to move into their new accommodation by the start of the following semester, it was a challenging task facing the construction teams to complete the project on time and on budget.

The five level student accommodation building was a significant structure, therefore constructing the multi-faceted facade traditionally on site was hardly viable. Extensive labor and time, including the requirement for full scaffolding threatened to jeopardize the project deadline.

Pre-fabrication and coordination became the answer. With years of expertise in pre-fabricating custom lightweight facades, SBS Group was approached by the builder for an alternative and efficient feasible solution.

After analyzing the scope and nature of the development, the SBS design team value managed a superior engineered SBS Smart Frame system for the fabrication of approximately 140 modules of varying sizes. Frames and trusses were designed to be pre-clad with off site installation of windows before lifting in position.

The cold formed structural clinch riveted frames were built as large modules utilizing SBS dowel and socket systems. Direct fix of zinc cladding and metal pan was made achievable with the complex facade frames fabricated to tight tolerances.

Not only did the system remove the scaffolding completely, it also significantly reduced on site crane time and labor requirements. With sizable module sizes of up to ten meters long, SBS were programmed to deliver the project including in house shop detailing, manufacture and delivery in approximately 12 weeks.

Removing costs traditionally associated with on site construction and solving challenging building restrictions, the tight deadline was achieved for an overall productive outcome and outstanding result for the builder. (click on image below to view full size) 


With the dynamic redevelopment at Eastland Shopping Centre projecting the centre into the future, a 3D elliptical sweep void geometric feature was created to transition visitors from the centre to the new Town Square area, spanning across three internal levels.

The Shard was a challenge for the builder and associated trades alike. High end finishes were demanded with minimal tolerances to work around building structure elements. After several builder and contractor design meetings, SBS Group was engaged to shop detail, design and fabricate all three levels of the Shard elements to support curved plasterboard for a class five finish.

After initial trials and set out points, levels 1 and 2 were successfully installed with level 3 proving the most challenging. Initial setbacks in manufacture on site to suit some of the twisted geometry were resolved with the finished project truly an outstanding icon and a credit to the plastering contractor’s workmanship. (click on image below to view full size) 


At 6 levels, the Rothe Lowman designed Mosaica Apartments project used the SBS Smart Frame top level wall and roof truss system for faster and easier on site installation.

Independent structural steel, timber walls and roof truss trades were combined into one coordinated system.

The high strength engineered wall frames were manufactured with CNC technology using Truecore light gauge steel. With the ability to carry plant loads and with services easily incorporated, frames were delivered to site for immediate and fast erection.

Packing or straightening of walls for plasterboard was no longer required with framing manufactured to true and accurate site specifications.

The benefits of an SBS steel framing system also includes resistance to rot and termite damage. (click on image below to view full size) 


Stage 2 of Melbourne Park’s redevelopment project featured the construction of a new Admin and Media Building; brand new headquarters for Tennis Australia and Melbourne and Olympic Park’s Trust.

In what was a challenging project, the benefits of off site manufacture were clearly realized with a pre-fabricated lightweight solution adopted for the eyebrow cantilevered truss facade.

SBS Ultra Frame technology was the answer to the buildings unique lightweight structure, satisfying the project engineers and cantilever requirements.

Designed, shop detailed, engineered and manufactured by SBS Group, the system supported the direct fix of cladding materials prior to installation and were craned into position by custom designed brackets. Top hats and infill purlins were no longer required, resulting in a quicker, easier and efficient installation process.

Framing modules were manufactured to site specifications for all elevations and delivered to site pre-clad to suit the project schedule. (click on image below to view full size) 

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