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Cold-Form Cashflow Story

Cold-formed steel helps owner net an extra $100,000 from early rent collections.


Why build an apartment building with cold-formed steel framing? The answer initially for developer Gabriel Kirchberger was that the steel system, being non-combustible, could lower his insurance premiums. As it turned out, cold-formed steel framing did much more. Because the framing system installed quickly, Kirchberger was able to take occupancy of his building and begin its rent cycle sooner. He netted, he says, a total of $100,000 in earlier rent collections. “The system cut our construction timeline by five to eight weeks,” says Gabriel Kirchberger, President, GK York Management Services Inc., Brantford, Ontario. “I got renters in place much faster than I ever have before.”

Learn more about this project from from a case study developed by the Steel Framing Industry Association.

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