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Control Your Builders Risk Insurance Costs: Choose US Assure and Steel Framing


The Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA) provides two simple ways to cut costs on your next project bid:

  • Choose high-quality and affordable cold-formed steel.
  • Take advantage of lower insurance rates on noncombustible cold-formed steel.

Non-combustible structures, like those built with cold-formed steel framing, have a better loss history than combustible wood framing.  This often translates into lower costs and broader overages for many types of construction insurance. The US Assure Builders Risk Plan, insured by Zurich, automatically offers low noncombustible rates on cold-formed steel framing.

Download a free brochure with more information about the US Assure/Zurich program brought to you by the SFIA.

Download Free Brochure

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