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Innovative Steel Framing Materials Reduce Labor, Save Time


Cold-formed steel systems have become more commonplace on job sites. Mid-rise construction-typically ranging from four to 12 stories-has been a growing trend in recent years, with cold-formed steel (CFS) framing playing an integral role. Often referred to as light-gauge framing or steel stud framing, CFS systems have become more commonplace on job sites, especially in the development of hotels, condominiums, student housing, life care facilities, small office buildings and a variety of mixed-use projects. Part of the reason for this trend is the considerable product innovation that has occurred over the last several decades.

In recent years, manufacturers have developed CFS products and systems for an increasing variety of framing applications to simplify the installation process, which in turn saves contractors time and money. One area of CFS framing that has produced significant product advancement that not only offers labor and time savings, but also consistent quality, predictable performance and high strength-to-weight ratio is floor assemblies, specifically floor joist systems.

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