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Hand-Curvable Cold-Formed Steel Track Used to Frame Dramatic Curves at the Cherokee Hotel And Casino (Tulsa, OK)


More than 11,000 linear feet of Flex-Ability Concepts’ Flex-C Trac® hand-curvable track were used to frame dramatic curves that are prominently featured inside the Cherokee Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, OK.

Subcontractor Green Country Interiors, of Tulsa, chose the flexible track product for a number of reasons, most importantly time and labor savings. Frank Wheeler, partner with Flex-Ability Concepts and inventor of Flex-C Trac®, explained that the alternative “cutting and snipping” method of framing curves can take upwards of 20 to 30 minutes per 10-foot piece. By using the flexible track product, the labor was cut down to as little as 5 minutes per 10-foot piece.

“The project was demanding,” Billy Tobey, vice president and general manager of Green Country Interiors, said of the Cherokee Hotel and Casino. “We were challenged to find a way to save money without sacrificing the integrity of the final appearance.”

Wheeler said the curvable Flex-C Trac® helped the progression of the project since the products can be shaped by hand on the job site to form whatever curves were called for. Once the track is formed, tabs in the web are hammered flat to lock the shape. The track is then anchored to the floor.

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