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Leading By Design – The Benefits of FRAMECAD Cold Formed Steel Construction


FRAMECAD, in continuing their pattern of industry-leading moves, has recently released a new e-book, displaying the benefits of using powerful design software to guide manufacturing companies’ systems and processes in constructing with Cold Formed Steel (also known as Light Gauge Steel).

CEO of FRAMECAD, Mark Taylor believes that innovation is everything.

“After 30 years at the leading edge of this industry, it is very clear how important Integrated Design and Real Time Engineering are to be successful and scalable. FRAMECAD continuous investment in Advanced Engineering and Software Research & Development has enabled the development of innovative Real Time Computer Aided Engineering and an intelligent Design Process. By using this intelligent process, it is possible to empower designers with and without engineering degree to achieve designs that are value engineered, yet safe and robust. We see this as a vital success factor both for companies looking to adopt new methods of Design and Construction such as CFS, plus existing organizations looking for better efficiency, greater scalability and faster ROI.”

Leading By Design – The Benefits of FRAMECAD Cold Formed Steel Construction” covers the following learning points, for builders, construction companies, architects and others in the building industry: 

  • How a design-led process works
  • How this process can benefit your building project(s)
  • How you can raise ROI on your construction project using a design-led process
  • Ways you can reduce costs of engineers and skilled laborers
  • How FRAMECAD can guide you through the design-led construction process

In this eBook we explore the concept of design-led construction, and specifically, how the Cold Formed Steel (CFS) construction process varies compared to traditional methods.

As FRAMECAD is leading the way with innovative software in CFS design and construction, we explain the specific benefits of the FRAMECAD design and engineering process, and the advantages of using FRAMECAD software over other industry alternatives.

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