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Video: Cold-Formed Steel Construction – The Benefits of Using a Design-Led Process


Are you looking for the best design and build process to construct faster, more cost-effective and better buildings?

Discover the processes that innovative industry leaders are adopting, by watching FRAMECADs new animated video, “Cold-Formed Steel Construction: The Benefits of Using a Design-Led Process”

The video is an industry first. Using white-board style animations, it leads the user step-by-step through what to expect from a typical design-led Cold Formed Steel construction process.

The video covers three essential topics:

  • How to design and build your project with Cold-Formed Steel, from architectural and engineering design, to authority approval, to final construction
  • How to leverage the power of software to minimize time and cost during interactions between architects, engineers and detailers during the design and build process
  • The advantages of using FRAMECAD software in reducing cost, time and reliance on skilled labor.

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