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Mold-Resistant: One More Reason to Build with Steel Framing


Danger lurks in buildings, where moisture can penetrate and accumulate on mold-susceptible materials. In this environment, mold spores can readily feed on nutrient sources and grow to adversely affect the air we breath – inside the building. While exposure to mold and resulting health effects are not well documented, the understanding that mold and mycotoxins can help trigger illnesses ranging from allergies to lung cancer among inhabitants is clear.

Consequently, this highly controversial subject continues to instigate increasing litigation, insurance rates, health care costs, not to mention huge remediation costs and loss of income. What we are left with is not only a massive clean-up, but a massive public outcry for better constructed buildings.

Bottom line: If we build mold-resistant structures, we will live and work in healthier environments. Doing that must be practical and economically feasible, using the knowledge and technology we have today

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